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Health Resorts of West Bohemia - The land of healing waters in czech republic

The health resorts of west Bohemia Mariánské Lázne (47 km), Frantiskovy Lázne (19 km) and Carlsbad (60 km) are not far away from the rental house. At the beginning of the 20th century Mariánské Lázne was a global well known healing bath and it was imperator Franz Josef the 1st who visited this lovely place. Enjoy a coffee at the spa promenade and admire the architecture of the historism. (see photo)

Trip to Mariánské Lázne

On your way home your may visit the "Asia Dragon Bazar" or also called "Fidschi market" in Cheb / Waldsassen. There you will find garden gnowns, "original" clothings and Bohemian Crystal glasses, all necessary und not necessary things people need.

Fichtel mountains (Fichtelgebirge)

The Fichtel mountains are in a distance of 20 km. Visit the Luisenburg theater festival (oldest open air theater in Germany), the labyrinth of rocks (Felsenlabyrinth), the summer toboggan run at Ochsenkopf or make beautiful walking-tours to bizarre rocks formations in healthy fresh air. The mountains here are only 1000 m high, so everbody can go there.

Fichtel mountains

Stonewood Forest (Steinwald)

You take 20 km to reach Stonewood Forest. Beside the castle ruin Weißenstein a walk to the "Platte" where you can find a 35 m high wooden tower with a scenic look is recommended. Finally not far away from the start of the tour you can visit the "Marktredwitzer Haus", a typical Bavarian Restaurant, where you can enjoy the sunset from the beer garden.

Stonewood Forest

Valley of the Waldnaab river (Waldnaabtal)

The valley of the Eger is at 8 km and the valley of the Waldnaab is at 23 km distance. Along these rivers you can make walking-tours and bicycle-tours. The following picture shows the valley of Waldnaab. In the center of the forest there is a log cabin with a big beer garden and good traditional snacks.

Valley of the Waldnaab river

Basilica Waldsassen

Important master church builders as Georg Dientzenhofer and Abraham Leuthner created here one of the greatest baroque churches of Bavaria. The crypt under the Basilica is known as one of the biggest all over Germany. At the basilica they make regulary concerts. Go through the park of the Basilica (free of charge). At the square in front of the Basilica you can enjoy a coffee or a beer. For dinner at the rental house you can purchase close by the square organic food as well as not filtered home brewed beer at "Zoiglbauer" shop. If you prefer to go to a restaurant we advice to choose "Prinzregent Luitpold" having an open air square nice inside place.

Basilica Waldsassen

Birds of prey demonstrations Katharinenberg close to Wunsiedel

You can have a look on the cages of the birds of prey. There are daily spectacular flight demonstrations. See the following picture where the birds fly directly over the people's head.

Birds of prey Wunsiedel

Leisure park Großbüchelberg (14 km)

Here you can find miniature golf, Pit-Pat (tabletop minigolf), summer toboggan run, trampoline, small train, goats and a poultry collection at the same place. Enjoy the wide view over the valley !

Leisure park Grossbuechelberg

Castle Metternich in Kynzvart / Königswart in Czech Republic

You drive 50 km to the castle Metternich in Kynzvart in Czech Republic, where there is as well a restaurant and a golf course. You can make a inside visit of the castle, see Homepage Kynzvart.

Castle Metternich von Kynzvart

Shopping Mall

In Eger / Czech republic at 10 km you may find open supermarkets 7 days a week. In Germany the next shopping mall "Kösseine-Einkaufs-Center KEC" in Marktredwitz is at 12 km. The parking deck is free of charge.

KEC shopping mall

If there is bad weather, we propose

  • Wellness in Sybillenbad in Neualbenreuth (24 km)
  • Folcloristic farmers museum Bergnersreuth(Volkskundliches Gerätemuseeum Bergnersreuth) (3 km)
  • Porzellanikon (porcelain museum) Selb / Hohenberg (10 km)
  • Hard liquer museum company Rauch in Marktrewitz (12 km)
  • Egerland museum in Marktredwitz (12 km)
  • Stiftlandmuseum in Waldsassen (14 km)
  • Fichtel mountains museum in Wunsiedel (Fichtelgebirgsmuseum) (20 km)
  • KTB Windischeschenbach - deepest hole in the earth (39 km)
  • Sport - walking-tours directly from rental house

    Click to see a description of the walking-tour

  • Forellenmühle
  • Steinhaus
  • Feisnitzstausee
  • Folcloristic farmers museum Bergnersreuth(Volkskundliches Gerätemuseeum Bergnersreuth)
  • Hundreds of walking-tours in Fichtel mountains and Stonewood Forest
  • Sport - Golf

  • Golf club Fahrenbach (23 km)
  • Golf club Stiftland (24 km)
  • Golf club Haslov CZ (play without be a member)(28 km)
  • Golf club Kynzvart CZ (39 km)
  • Royal Golf Club Marienbad CZ offering indoor Golf (49 km)
  • Sport - Bicycle and E-Bike

  • E-Bike rental stations
  • Bicycle in the Röslautal (2km)
  • Bicycle in the Wellertal (8 km)
  • Bicycle in the Waldnaabtel (23 km)
  • Bicycle in the 5 km round tour at lake of Weißenstädter (26 km)
  • Fahrradfahren im Höllental (75 km)
  • Mountainbike Downhill at Ochsenkopf mit Liftwith ski-lift (36 km)
  • Sport - Swimming

  • Open air bath Arzberg (2km)
  • Open air bath Mitterteich (15 km)
  • Indoor swimming pool Marktredwitz (12km)
  • Thermenwelt Weiden (54km)
  • Culture and closeby events

  • Visit to castle Hohenberg (6 km)
  • Historic center festival in Marktredwitz on the 3rd Saturday in Juli (12 km)
  • Beer festival Selb (Selber Wiesenfest) (18 km)
  • Light festival in Bad Alexandersbad end of juli (18 km)
  • Luisenburg theater in Wunsiedel from june to august (20 km)
  • Richard Wagner Festival in Bayreuth from end of juli to end of august (58 km)